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Thursday, June 14, 2007


shel israel

I'm terribly confused. I know that from a structural perspective PR likes to answer to the CEO rather than marketing, and that marketing has been taped onto sales, but how do you actually separate the functions of PR from marketing? Are they not both about building awareness and enthusiasm for company, it products and services?


I don't agree with him about Marketers being more willing to give up control.

But as a business writer, having interviewed dozens of PR and marketing execs, I'm sensing a shift as the younger breed --the so-called 'digital natives'-- enters the field. They seem to intuitively grasp the common goals, and are not trapped in the "this is not in my job description" mindset.

Rodger D. Johnson

I don't see why marketing, PR and advertising just can't get along. Whether it's PR, marketing or advertising doing the work, just get it done, make customers, clients and employees happy and let's just play friendly together.


It is a delicate balance between the two. Both have the ability to drive markets; I believe it is a matter of audience that determines which voice of your company is to take the stand.

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